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1、 You come, no matter how strong or heavy, Illpick you up

2、 After all, I have noresistance to you for a while

3、 Watersays: I can feel your tears, because you are in my heart

4、 Im not missing one I like very fewpeople, except you

5、 一天不见没关系只要你肯发信息!两天不见问题不大定要跟你通电话!三天不见受不了天涯海角把你找!亲爱的这辈子就爱你!

6、 Love a person, may have long suffering,but he gave me the joy, is also the worlds greatest happiness

7、 一个拥抱虽然寂静无声却胜过海誓山盟;一份体贴虽然不够浪漫却胜过甜言蜜语;一份守候或许有点平淡却透着真切的爱。祝情人节幸福甜蜜!

8、 You have seenthe surging hearts when the tide is surging You have also seen a beach afterthe ebb

9、 When I look at you, Ifeel as if there are gods in my eyes

10、 Mutual dependence is the deepest love

11、 You arethe secret in my heart

12、 Valentines day every day

13、 Holding my hand and growing up with myson are my unchangeable vows in this life

14、 To love is to endure pain, to be loved is to cause pain

15、 I just want to joinhands with you in this life

16、 一曲一场叹一生为一人。

17、 I can bear allthe pain at the moment, just to be happy with you

18、 Because you are the God in my heart, you are my soul! I want to protectyou!

19、 m可以不爱幔但不能无视帷

20、 I want to be a fish inthe water!

21、 When you appear, I just dont know howto open my mouth About your shadow, my sight

22、 fish said to water ButI could feel your tears cause you are in me answered water

23、 “归属感”是你强烈地想和他在一起。“安全感”是你觉得他强烈地想和你在一起。“幸福感”是彼此都强烈的想在一起而最终走在了一起。

24、 一片两片三四片片片相思把你念;五片六片七八片片片柔情把你恋;九片十片十一片片片愁云难相见;百片千片万万片一片真心永不变!。

25、 It gives me the fragrance of life and givesme the spring of life

26、 I wantto collect such scenery for a lifetime

27、 You have to ask yourselfwhether you will love him after you become better

28、 Youd better be my wifeinstead!

29、 You take a cup of tea and I pour it You napand I make the bed You give birth to children and I watch children

30、 一天不会有两个太阳一夜不会有两个月亮一生不会有两个你;没有云不觉得阳光可爱没有风不觉得月光温柔没有你不觉得生活幸福。

31、 一念繁华一念灰一念成悦处处繁华处处锦。一念成执寸寸相思寸寸灰。

32、 You are all Ihave in my long life

33、 If I look at you more, Ill feel soft If I hugyou, Ill fall

34、 If you accept it, store it If you dontaccept it, send it back to me

35、 Its a long story, so Ill make a long story short I missyou

36、 If youre a bird, Im a bird, too

37、 Where are you going Go to your heart

38、 At night, I often look up atthe stars Im waiting for you

39、 WhenI dont like you so much, Ill take it out and have a aftertaste

40、 This is the future Iwant

41、 All in four words:I need you!

42、 When you are not, everything is you

43、 Love makes us love each other Love makes uslove each other Love makes us care I give all my love to you in mylifetime!

44、 Only in this way, thereis nothing else

45、 No matter how big thestorm is, as long as you accompany me

46、 一个人的烟抽出的是思念一个人的路走出的是孤独一个人读短信读出的是冷清愿和你分享祝福和开心。愿我们都健康顺利幸福快乐地走下去。

47、 I like your thoughtful words inmy memory Like in memory, you give me the shoulder to rely on

48、 Dont wait for your silence May mysail sail into the harbor of your heart

49、 一年四季一日三餐一屋两人满眼都是你。

50、 I have traveled allthe way to get close to you, but I can never reach your heart

51、 Thegreatest happiness in life is that the person you love happens to love you

52、 一个细微动作一个飘忽眼神抑或是一个转身的距离相爱的人应该有着缘分的默契找一个爱我懂我的人生活也会因默契而和谐

53、 I am drunk in your arms at dusk, and be your lovely littleold lady

54、 I want to be your fishin the water!

55、 In Han Dynasty, youcant think about it

56、 Miss you, bless you

57、 Its in my heart

58、 You are so arrogant You cant betoo proud

59、 So I close my eyes and thestars in my dream have become you

60、 The best hope isto have you with me for a crazy life

61、 I miss you so much but I stillhave to pretend not to care

62、 Fate, I see you in the crowd

63、 ^o^你还想啥你还犹豫啥你也不要东找西找了有我这样执着痴心而且又发誓对你好的人就赶快抓住吧!快接受我吧!时间紧迫哟!

64、 You are the wholeworld that I have seen all my life You are the most beautiful sunshine I haveever seen with a smile

65、 “天空的幸福”是穿一身蓝;“森林的幸福”是披一身绿;“阳光的幸福”如钻石般耀眼;而我的幸福是因为认识了你。

66、 Since then, you are my medicineMy world can no longer have you

67、 The most important thing is always kissingyou!

68、 Only you, I hope to haveanother life

69、 一个中国两岸相连三山起舞四海飞歌五谷丰登六神齐贺七彩盛世八面威风九州欢畅十分和谐百倍努力千秋伟业万众同心亿人祝福!

70、 Without you, the food is tasteless Withoutyou, I am hollow

71、 As long as I amalive, I will always like it

72、 Facing the north, miss you, in the springseason

73、 Im afraid its theshortest sentence in Chinese with complete subject, predicate and object: I loveyou

74、 But the wind is blowing meall the time, just like your love is all around me

75、 I dont know what kind of love I should give in the face of theexpectation of spring

76、 It sings a song of life in the thorns Apersons life only love once, he can give up everything to man

77、 To be more precise, someone loves you without askingyou how

78、 Ill lend you ajourney in my life, which is the rest of my life There is no betrayal betweenyou and me

79、 At all times, I also like some people when they are like youoccasionally

80、 I thought the heart was quiet,but he was beating I really miss you

81、 The heart is for you hurt, thesong is for you to sing, I just want you to be happy, Im sorry!

82、 Even if the sea isdry and the rocks are rotten, your figure will live in my heart forever!

83、 You are the sun in my heart If you shine, Iwill be full of vitality

84、 In the blink of your eyes, I will liveagain In the blink of your eyes, I will die

85、 Later, I found that I missyou very much if I dont drink too much

86、 If this life predestined by fate, I would like to use aswitch of sincerity

87、 Its not you who are in love Its you for the rest of yourlife

88、 Im happywhen you smile I remember your words for many years

89、 My love for you hasturned into this lonely sea Think your heart has made your shadow run rampantin your mind!

90、 Do you want to know Let the wind whisper toyou, I like you, really good like

91、 一切都可以征服只要你点头;一切都可以放弃只要你摆手。想你所想忧愁你所忧愁;爱你所爱感受你所感受。只求与你常相守恩恩爱爱到白头。

92、 Heart is for you, song is foryou, I just want you happy, sorry!

93、 Today, I feel happy and happy I think I will continue to be happy andhappy

94、 In fact, I am notwaiting for you I just cant like others

95、 一日不见如隔三秋每天对你思念悠悠见不到你心里难受只想时时与你牵手感受幸福就在心头梦想今生和你相守不知是否能不能

96、 Its not enough, its just you

97、 “别跟着!跟你说了哪儿凉快哪儿待着去听不见吗”“能听见但你不觉得你说话的样子很冷吗”

98、 As long as you arehere, happiness is boundless

99、 Love is liking deeply I hope I wont have totake you home later, but well go back to our home together

100、 Without me, everything will be gone I you are inthe winter sun, summer popsicle, cloudy big umbrella